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One of the most effective forms of getting leads, Tapio Digital offers polished marketing tricks, one of them being email marketing, to build better connectivity with the audience.

Email Marketing for B2B and B2C Companies

Email marketing – when done right – is a powerful tool to keep your audience engaged and gain new leads. After all, 87% of B2C marketers leverage automation as part of their email marketing strategy. As one of the leading email marketing agency in Bangalore, we have the skills and expertise to maximize the potential of email marketing campaigns. Do you want to grow faster? Let’s get started.

We believe a good connection with the audience is the key to achieving the best possible user engagement. Businesses have successfully built and designed effective marketing campaigns for their targeted audience through our email marketing services.

Providing top-notch quality content, our professionals curate email campaigns and content based on your services and targeted audience needs.

Our Email Marketing Services will help you….

Reach new customers

At Tapio Digital, we deliver fully tailored email marketing campaigns guided by user preferences and behavior.

Building trust & loyalty

We’ll deliver well-curated email campaigns that result in building long-lasting relationships with your audience.

Establishing brand Identity

Email marketing is one of the cost-effective marketing channels that can get you to generate new leads and deliver the highest response rates.

Brand Awareness

Not only product advertisement, but email campaigns also deal with push notifications as marketers believe it is crucial to drive conversions and build personalized emails for creating a firm's awareness.

Turning new people into customers is all we do

With many years of experience, Tapio Digital is an Email Marketing Agency in Bangalore, helping businesses automate personalized email campaigns, connect with better people and add value to their brand. 


  • Find new customers 
  • Personalized email content  
  • Compelling design templates 
  • Track & Analyze ROI
  • Custom Automation

Our Process

Know Your Brand

Initially, we will get to know your brand comprehensively. In order to make effective email marketing, we will understand your brand values, the voice you want to communicate or goals, and lastly your target market audience.

Strategy Development

Once we’ve gone through your brand values, we’ll brainstorm effectively and develop a data-driven email marketing strategy that works and delivers consistent ROI, and builds an engaged subscriber list.

Design Email Templates

We will then design email campaigns based on the strategy developed in the previous step. Designed campaigns will only focus on the brand's message or the main takeaway and keep the emails straightforward.

Setup Campaigns

We’ll make a decision with you on the type of campaigns you could schedule/ send out to email subscribers to communicate better with the audience.


Using A/B testing we will test and measure the performance of the campaigns and monitor the customer data and activity.

Report & Analysis

Lastly, we’ll deep dive into your analytics and present in-depth reporting on what worked and how much revenue generated.

How our email marketing services benefit you

As a top email marketing agency in Bangalore, we know how email marketing campaigns work that can speed up your sales process. Why should you look into Tapio Digital for your email marketing needs? 
  • Create, design and maintain email campaigns 
  • Proven experience in email marketing 
  • Excellent customer service
  • Ensures in-depth analytics and reporting
  • Data driven email marketing strategies that’ll yield quantifiable results

Build Customer Loyalty

Expand Your Business Reach

Connect With Different Audiences

Save Time and Effort

Test Email Campaigns



Proficient key instruments are utilized to carry out the best procedure for contacting an enormous crowd with simply a tick. We are here to assemble you a local area of potential clients helping your deals and benefit regions, by targeting giving the best and impacting email content.

Why Choose Our Email Marketing Campaign

We are one of the top-rated email marketing companies that offer the best email marketing service at affordable rates. But don’t just take our word for it. Discover what our clients have to say about our email marketing services.

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Email Marketing Service FAQ's

  • Email marketing plays a very essential role in digital marketing. It is a method of marketing in which brands can understand their potential audience and perform strategies to make them purchase their products/services and generate sales. 

Email is another excellent form of marketing and a tool for getting in touch with customers. Email marketing is a very cost effective method to keep building lasting relationships with customers in a powerful way. 

  • Email marketing – is a great marketing method – of building a list of customers who would like to receive email updates from your company. It uses personalized messages to engage their interest. 

We’re the leading email marketing agency in Bangalore, have worked across many industries, and specialized in creating targeted email campaigns to generate the most conversions for your businesses. 

It’s time to make your online presence through email marketing – Get to work with Tapio Digital!